22 Mar

Just a lil’ catch up….

WOW! So, it’s going pretty well here, all things considered! We are taking more and more orders and now have a team of 4 including me! I cant believe that I have got to the point of needing a team of people working at Jodie Bakes. How things change….! Our wholesale business is growing every […]

4 Feb

Bespoke Cakes… An easy guide to ordering!

Hello cake lovers of Leeds!!! So, I thought it would be a great idea to just give you a ‘how to order’ guide! Wether its a brownie stack or a bespoke cake… there are a few things we need to know to make the whole ordering process a little easier for us both! We get […]

14 Oct

Simple Victoria Sponge

For a lovely and simple, fluffy, sponge cake that the whole family can enjoy, follow this super simple and classic recipe. Preheat oven at 180 / Gas 5 You will need 2 nicely greased and lined 8 inch round cake pan Ingredients 4oz Self Raising Flour 4oz Soft Butter/Stork/Margarine 4oz Caster Sugar 1tsp Baking Powder […]

13 Oct

Practice Makes Perfect

So, the only way that you get better is through practice. Ive had cakes fall off my work surface, I have had them crack and ones that won’t set. Perfectly followed recipes that sink in the middle and once, i managed to forget the yoghurt in a Bundt cake. It’s dire, but you just have […]

10 Oct

English Scones

Served fresh and warm from the oven with butter, jam and cream. All that’s left to debate is, is it cream then jam, or jam then cream? You can debate that while eating these beauts. Pre heat your oven to 180 / gas 5 You will need a couple of lined (baking parchment is perfect) […]

20 Sep

Easy Bakes for Children #3 Salt Dough Cookies

Salt dough is a super simple way to ‘bake’ some shapes with your children. Perfect to make and use cutters to make lovely decorations, ideal for a cheery Easter window, or before Christmas for tree decorations. What you will need…. preheat the oven to 120 degrees or gas 2 Measuring cupBig BowlJug of warm waterBaking trayBiscuit […]

17 Sep

Easy Bakes for Children #2 Chocolate Cake

Nice and easy for today, a really simple, chocolate cake. You can fill this with a lovely cherry jam for a slightly more grown up cake, or make some chocolate filling yourself. Or even grab a jar of your favourite chocolate spread to make it even easier. What you’ll need…. Preheat the oven at 180 […]

15 Sep

Easy Bakes for Children #1 – Rock Cakes

So, it really is a tough time at the moment with all the children being at home. Finding things to do with them is getting harder, and after speaking to my lovely friend Cath, who had been baking with her son (obviously she sent me very proud pictures of Harry with his flapjack), I thought […]

20 Aug

How I got here…

So, after the tears and tantrums about the first cake, I just carried on baking. Baking all sorts. Cupcakes, learning to ice them, cakes covered in Cadburys Chocolate Fingers round the edges made me feel like I was doing a grand job! The next cake I made was for Samuels 2nd Birthday. He was all […]

12 Aug

The First Cake…

So, I had decided that I would make a cake for my sister in law, Victoria’s, baby shower. I had never made a cake that was covered in fondant before. I mean, I had covered and decorated with chocolate, buttons and sweets etc, but never anything to do with rolled out icing. So, as you […]