Just a lil’ catch up….

Just a lil’ catch up….


So, it’s going pretty well here, all things considered! We are taking more and more orders and now have a team of 4 including me! I cant believe that I have got to the point of needing a team of people working at Jodie Bakes. How things change….! Our wholesale business is growing every week and being able to say yes to more bespoke orders is phenomenal!

Have you seen our instagram lately? How cute is Zog? If you don’t know about Zog, he’s a flying dragon, from a children’s story book and he’s the cutest….. I loved making him. It’s sometimes even more lovely when its for a family member and this was for my niece Grace….


Covid hasn’t been bringing any joy but it hasn’t stop bakes. We have done so many cakes through the pandemic, safely delivering to you at home, or for you to collect safely from our unit in Kirkstall. I am so lucky to have found a site so perfect, especially with the private door outside meaning we can safely hand over your bakes without any contact and in the lovely fresh air. If you are coming to our collection point, just look out for our amazing new sign on the wall (thanks to the guys at Leeds Printing Company – as always!) If you’re looking for anything printing/signage check them out. They ship country wide and always produce the best goods – here’s their website if you want to take a look – click here! 


Here’s a little round up of some other bakes from this week. Some haven’t even hit the gram yet!
SO, that’s about it! Cakes galore here! Can’t say more than that!!


Bespoke Cakes… An easy guide to ordering!

Bespoke Cakes… An easy guide to ordering!

Hello cake lovers of Leeds!!!

So, I thought it would be a great idea to just give you a ‘how to order’ guide!

Whether its a brownie stack or a bespoke cake… there are a few things we need to know to make the whole ordering process a little easier for us both! We get a lot of enquiries so when we have all the information we can get you booked in and organised as soon as possible! Then your cake worries are sorted and you can get onto pressie buying!

So...the vitals

– date delivery / collection is required (contactless from LS4 – Kirkstall, Leeds) I’d suggest the evening before birthday/event then you have it in time – and should anything go wrong (cake is a science remember!) we can fix it (touch wood this has never happened yet but its better to be safe than sorry!) – literally writing this and a cake has sunk in the middle and another is now in – typically my last bake of the night too!!!! 

– address and post code of delivery address if delivery is requested (delivery fee applies dependant on distance! Delivery around Leeds starts at £2.50 then after that its based on mileage)

– Any allergies or intolerances? This is so important! We don’t want anyone not enjoying their cake to the fullest! 

– flavour profile of your cake

– Any specific personalisation  / name / age / bespoke ideas

– your full name, phone number and email

– have you seen a design you like or happy for me to use my imagination? Please send images for inspiration

Please note, we cannot copy a cake, but can use it for inspiration. Its great to see what you’re imagining too.

With this information we will be able to quote accordingly

Get in touch! Email us hello@jodiebakes.co.uk or send us a message on 07476010160.

Alternatively fill in the contact form below!

Don’t forget to check out all of our creations on our Instagram page. Click here to have a gander! 


Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice Makes Perfect!

So, the only way that you get better is through practice. Ive had cakes fall off my work surface, I have had them crack and ones that won’t set. Perfectly followed recipes that sink in the middle and once, i managed to forget the yoghurt in a Bundt cake. It’s dire, but you just have to bake another one.

Branching Out

I did my first ever stall at a local Christmas Fair in December 2019. I was really nervous. As you can possibly tell, I made a lot… I didn’t actually sell out. The left overs I took to St Georges Crypt in Leeds. (A homeless shelter for anyone not familiar with what it is. I also got a marriage proposal based on the deliciousness of my ginger flapjack)

So yes, back to the point. I made far too much. I didn’t know what to make to be honest. I did all sorts.

* Flapjacks
* Brownies
* Tiffin
* Range of Cupcakes
* Banana Cakes
* Caramel Jars
* Christmas Chocolate Cake

Luckily I had a friend with me (Thanks Helen!) to keep me sane and who also is far more intelligent than me, who decided to keep a tab of everything we sold, so now I can see from that one stall which are best-sellers. What to make and not make for the next one. Ive just booked another one for July and am taking part in a wedding fair on Sunday! (you can click here for links to my events) you know, if you want to keep up to date that is!

I also did a wedding fair, which was a wonderful experience. I showcased a lovely tall flowered cake and took some individual samples of cake flavours that visitors could take home with them. I think that this really made a difference to what I was doing. It meant that they were able to go home and try the cakes with a lovely brew, not eat, go and forget what they had had. It was great to talk to couples about to marry about their cake designs and what they would like. I was so fortunate to take 2 bookings from that. Both being really exciting and interesting cakes. No boring white, we are talking superheroes, logos, exciting things. I think the days of classic white iced fruit cakes are numbered. People want flavours and colours and personality showing though their cakes! And for that reason, i love them!

So all it is really, is practice, practice, practice. And thats where hobbies become passions, and passions become businesses. I don’t know what will happen in the future, I have big dreams, but for now I am just going to carry on practicing and making more amazing cakes – all which you can find on my instagram feed (click here to see the latest!)

Happy Baking!
J x


How I got here…

How I got here…

So, after the tears and tantrums about the first cake, I just carried on baking. Baking all sorts. Cupcakes, learning to ice them, cakes covered in Cadburys Chocolate Fingers round the edges made me feel like I was doing a grand job!
The next cake I made was for Samuels 2nd Birthday. He was all about Ra Ra the Lion (think that was his name – with not having kids i’m not totally sure thats him!?)
Ra Ra was making me Ra-Ra-ge with anger!

It took me ages to make him. His bone structure was that of cocktail sticks and tears, gluing him together. His mane wouldn’t attach properly and you can see a stick popping out of his chin! I followed steps from a book I had bought on how to make different animals. Basically they all sort of start the same. Various different sized balls of fondant, pear shape for the body, round for the head, longer for legs and arms. I kind of think once you have mastered one you can do any moving forward….Well, we will see as I have a unicorn to make next week – I will put that in to practice and see how she turns out!

I can remember making him sat in my parents dining room. My mother telling me not to drop anything on her carpet and I was using a Marks & Sparks place mat as a board. That photo above was taken in said dining room. Good colour carpet to be making a green cake on!

Not as easy as he looks!

I was just praying that the cocktail sticks kept him together!!

So, there you have it. He took hours, I put all my faith in the cocktail sticks and prayed that he would work. Mainly that his mane would stay in place!

So, whatever you are making, however rubbish you think it is, the only way is up. So keep practicing and let your passion shine through.

On that note…. time to look at some unicorn pictures!!


The First Cake…

The First Cake…

So, I had decided that I would make a cake for my sister in law, Victoria’s, baby shower. I had never made a cake that was covered in fondant before. I mean, I had covered and decorated with chocolate, buttons and sweets etc, but never anything to do with rolled out icing. So, as you can see, it not a terrible first attempt! Mainly down to my friend Katherine being super patient with me!

It was just a little 2 layer vanilla sponge, but it felt like I was making a wedding cake. As you can probably tell, I had just bought the basics and borrowed lots too. I didn’t really have a clue. I had done a little googling but that was about as much as I knew.

It was a labour of love. Those little chicks made me feel so happy. Daft isn’t it!

Anyway, cake made, decorations made, fast forward and voila. Here we go. It has taken a lot of practice, a lot of research and practice, but here we are! 5 years later….

Note the many mugs on the side…. they were all required, filled with tea, the whole time I was baking. Oh, and maybe the glass of red too….




I am a North Leeds based baker specialising in celebration cakes, cupcakes and more. With a passion for baking since a young age, this is a dream come true!

From cakes for every occasion, to stalls in craft markets across Yorkshire, I can take your design ideas and make them a reality.

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